Accidents Insurance

The policies of accidents, and to protect and provide solutions to accidents that may occur , cover the risk arising from a bodily accident caused by a violent cause , external and alien to the insured’s intention to produce a temporary or permanent disability or sudden death .

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  • All warranties
  • For people between 14 and 65 years old.

We believe that the selection of insurance makes WEBCO Mediators will offer all the guarantees that your health and you plus a saving of annual money you need in the policy of accident insurance, if you decide to take out insurance with another insurance group . You can use that money on your next trip , anniversary or birthday . Now you can , the mediator will offer insurance money and security you need.

Who is the target?

Amplia cobertura
Para actividades diarias o trabajo

In WEBCO Brokers , we have a selection of casualty insurance that are aimed at people between 14 and 65 years old.

– Companies that need protection for employees of small, medium and large businesses.

– Athletes, they know better than anyone how important it is to feel secure and protected. Your body is your tool, can not take risks and need the security that gives the backing of a major accident insurance with comprehensive coverage and guarantees.

– If you are self-employed or self-employed and need a policy provides you the security against possible accidents or unforeseen events in daily work .

– Ensure your family against accidents privacy.

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