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In WEBCO Mediators have one of the best deals on car insurance, being specialized in high-end offering the most comprehensive coverage of the market.

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The car insurance is important to put solutions to possible problems you might encounter , with extensive coverage for your car as the driver.

In selecting Brokers WEBCO sure you will find the insurance that best suits your needs and economics. Always with the best guarantees .


Our insurers have extensive coverage of the most important is to protect your car and motorcycle are:

Car Insurance :

– Compulsory Liability covers injuries and damages caused to third parties by the insured vehicle within legal limits.

– Additional Voluntary Liability compulsory liability that extends up to the amount of 50,000,000 euros.

– The legal defense guarantees the expenses of the insured resulting from a traffic accident with the car insured up to the limit set out in the Special Conditions , including Constitution guarantees, Claims for damages from faulty repair , service management violations and fines .

Coverage of up to 3 years of value to new if Sinister , plus one year 150% Venal value , we cover damage to tires by accident , we also cover up to 300 € / Occupant personal objects resulting from an accident or theft , theft accessories 100 % Lunas break 100%, 24 hour assistance . from home.

Who is the target?

Drivers over 25 years with over 2 years of driving license.

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