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In WEBCO Mediadores we offer you, for very little money per year, to cover all the costs of defense and claim for the interests of the insured.

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Our legal and legal defense insurance covers from the friendly procedure through minutes of lawyers, attorneys, experts, notaries, to all legal expenses. For only € 39 you can get all these guarantees:

Criminal Defense in case of Accident, by omission of relief, alcohol or vehicle occupant. Assistance to the detainee of a lawyer. Defense in Traffic Infractions. Claim of Bodily Damage and Materials as a driver, occupant or pedestrian. Medical Evaluation of Accidents. Bails up to € 30,000 Receive Compensation, in case the opponent is insolvent. Claim of Rights of other insurances, for not complying with what was signed in the contract.

Who are target?

Legal and legal defense insurance are important to cover the possible risks and legal and legal problems that you may have. As the risks you face each day are not equal to the risks that your family members may have, friends or co-workers, we put at your disposal the legal and legal insurance that most benefits you.

It will offer you all the guarantees you need, plus an annual money saving in your policy that you will be using on your next trip, anniversary or birthday.

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