Life and pension insurances

In WEBCO Mediadores we offer you an insurance, which guarantees you and your family maximum peace of mind, since you can select the capitals that you wish to hire according to your needs with total flexibility.

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Life and risk insurances

Complete insurance for your retirement.

Annual renewable or annual level coverage.

Life is our best price and less than having it insured. Therefore, health insurance is important to prevent and cover the risks we face every day. Thanks to the Insurance Broker and a large group of insurance, you can find the life insurance that best suits your needs. All the insurers with a wide coverage destined to put solutions to their problems.

The most important coverages in life-risk insurance are the following:

They can be contracted in two modalities, annual renewable and annual level, with the following guarantees:

Death for any reason with the capital of your choice

Death by Accident

Death by Circulation Accident

Absolute and permanent disability

Disability due to Accident Disability due to Traffic Accident

Serious Diseases: The capital of death is anticipated (max.90.000 €).

Pension insurance

Guarantees you and your family the maximum peace of mind

Enjoy your retirement and live it to the fullest

All your life working and waiting for that moment in which porfin you can enjoy your time. But to enjoy it as you deserve, it is necessary to be assured that you can afford it and enjoy and travel as much as you want.

Therefore, if you are one of those who want to enjoy your retirement and live it to the fullest, at WEBCO Mediadores we have the guarantees and coverage of large insurers. That thanks to a policy, they will make retirement the party they expected, without risks and totally insured.

The most important coverages in a pension insurance are the following:

LIFE Insurance – Pensions

The Pension Plan is the sum of monthly, annual or extraordinary contributions so that at the end of your working life you can obtain a monthly economic continuation thanks to the savings made in previous years. All the aforementioned contributions will be increased with an interest that varies each year based on 2 aspects, one the type of plan you choose (variable income, mixed fixed income, or fixed income) and another for the movements of the stock markets. You can deduct from your income (IRPF tax base) the total of contributions you make to the Individual Pension Plan, with a limit of 30% of said tax base.

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