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Insurance Shops and offices ensure theft, breakdown and replacement.

  • Theft of furniture and own equipment: In case of theft, insurance for offices and offices covers furniture and equipment.
  • Breakdown of computers and laptops in the office: The insurance for offices and offices offers you one of the broadest computer coverage in the market, with repair service of the computers of the establishment in 24 h.
  • File replacement in case of disaster: With the insurance for offices and offices, covers the expenses caused by the reconstruction or replacement of documentation destroyed totally or partially by an accident, as well as the expenses corresponding to the recomposition of the lost information of computer files .
Who is the target?
  • New entrepreneurs who want to secure their business.
  • Owners of businesses that need to have coverage about the possible risks of your business.
  • Office owners who want to live insured and pay an insurance policy that provides solutions and protection for your business.
About this insurance...

Insurance for shops and offices are very important, since they cover something as essential to your life as it is your source of income. Make sure you have the risks covered, to live quietly and to limit yourself to work.

WEBCO Mediadores will offer you the insurance you need, personalized and to your fair measure, because your business is not the same as the one next door, insurance for your business must have specific coverage to your needs and risks. The flexibility of the product allows adapting to the measures of each client, providing an effective protection to the risks that in a direct or indirect way may affect these activities, both in their assets (continent and content) and in their assets, civil liability and / or consequential losses.

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