Sick leave insurance

The policies of accidents, and to protect and provide solutions to accidents that may occur , cover the risk arising from a bodily accident caused by a violent cause , external and alien to the insured’s intention to produce a temporary or permanent disability or sudden death .

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Daily compensation Insurance Sickness and Accident / Low Labor

It is compatible with any other private insurance or Social Security, and have coverage worldwide.
No medical examination required, it is sufficient to correctly fill out health declaration.
Give Hospitalization for any reason up to 365 days in Health Center, Clinic or Hospital.
Subsidies can get hired up to 400 € per day.
The maximum grant will vary depending employable franchise requested when the professional activity carried out on its own. The range of voluntary franchises are without excess, 3, 4, 7, 10, 15, 20 and 30 days
No medical examination prior to hiring, simply fill out health questionnaire.
If the professional is employed, the maximum grant will not be affected by variations in the franchise

Who is the target?

It is aimed at anyone who develops employment or professional activity on their own, professionals and freelancers who want to supplement or public mutual benefits in the event of absence from work due to illness or accident. Also companies to recoup the economic costs of sick leave employees to an illness or accident, or as social benefit to their workers supplementing their revenue on a sick leave.

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