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Car Drivers

Up to 90% of road accidents are due to human factor, distractions, haste and inappropriate speed. Behind these behaviors are emotions without control: One in ten drivers is able to control his emotions at the wheel, but 72% is under control and 17% have no control.
Emotions make us as if we were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In other words, «drive drugged by our emotions.» One study measured the pulse and heart rate that, the smaller will make our driving more relaxed and confident.
In conclusion the study has established a ranking of anger: have a very stuck vehicle behind is what most alters a driver, followed by congestion, the hurry vehicles trying to sneak into a retention or incorporation, which traveling at slow speed, and vehicles which facilitate the incorporation or changing lanes.
Stress depends on the driver, not the event itself. Those who have an aggressive physiological response have up to 2.5% more likely to receive penalties and a 30% increase of facing parts of accident.
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