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Online Insurance contract

Only 4% of users asking budget ‘on-line’ buy insurance online.
During one quarter of 2011 nearly 2 million people visited sites safe ‘on-line’, 43% requested budget, and 4% (88 067) finished hiring one car insurance, even if the consumer prefers to hire over the phone.
The main aspects that motivate the hiring decision is the price (23%), the cancellation period (16%), promotions (14%) and coverage (13%).
The Internet insurance customer whose profile is between 35 and 44, is unfaithful.
The perception of users talking in channels ‘on-line’ is neutral on hiring or renewal for 55% of them, and only 14% assessed it as positive.
This reinforces even more if possible, how positive it is to hire insurance through professional brokers, which is why our customer base have an average age above 10 years.
Thank you all for trusting in our experience, and our Brokerage. Philip Weber
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