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ULTRA PLUS INSURANCE enters Burial with ‘ Universal Family Plus Insurance without exclusions

‘ Universal Family Plus ‘ is presented as an «insurance without exclusions » , ensuring the service regardless of the reason of death. Provides flexibility in payment and the ability to cover all family members under one policy . Thus, » by a simple phone call , the company offers a service that not only protects the deceased , but paying attention to specifying the family , avoiding extra pay, red tape and other unwelcome inconvenience at such a delicate and momentous . Furthermore, in its international variant is offered repatriation service and passenger travel . »

For the director of the Division of Health and Burial , Gregorio de Garay , » our goal is to allow any family to opt to hire Burial insurance . For this reason we present a very competitive price, allowing fragmented payment and offering a number of additional guarantees to have a more comprehensive insurance . »

Features and guarantees
1. – Funeral service . Provision set of elements and procedures involved the burial and the home offers the locality of the insured.

Two . – Nicho . Optional contractual coverage , consisting of defraying the cost of the unit value of burial. It consists in choosing a niche, grave, grave or columbarium .

Three . – Supplementary capital . Lets have a capital supplement to cover any adjustments to the contracted services or events that may arise at the time of burial.

April . – National and international transfer . Transfer of deceased to the cemetery of the Spanish town freely chosen . If the death occurs outside the peninsular country or abroad , the company responds to the transport costs of one of the family to travel to the place of death and his return .

May . – Repatriation (international). Includes procedures and necessary expenses for transporting the body to the nearest international airport to the town of burial of the insured’s home country .

June . Roundtrip ticket for a companion (international). Family members are entitled to a ticket to accompany the deceased to the country of return .

additional guarantees
July . – Avantsalud Service . A service that provides access to : medical , dental , welfare service , service international second medical opinion service, new technologies to improve health care services for the elderly and / or dependents and service for families .

August . – Telephone legal consultation . Telephone information and legal guidance , staffed by a team of practicing lawyers, which may raise any legal issue within the personal and family .

9. – Telephone medical guidance . It will among others with the service » specialist home» , so that if the customer wants it will contact the specialist .


Other highlights of the product
– There are two types of product contracts (with or without repatriation ) .
– Annually renewable insurance .
– Compulsory debit.
– Hiring individuals and families.
– Payment : annual, quarterly or monthly .

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